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Since 1967 I.R.I.S. has had the opportunity to train many students all around the world at both university’s and companies covering all areas of emergency response. While we have broaden or services by adding field safety services Team IRIS Rescue, we continue to offer all areas of Emergency Response training to industrial teams as well as fire service personnel.

When training emergency responders with the U.S. Military; FEMA State USAR; Regional USAR; State, County and City SWAT; Fire Departments; Industrial Teams; and the folks with Texas Commission Environmental Quality, it is important to go “outside the box” for instructors. At I.R.I.S, we have done just that! Our instructors are at the top of their fields. Our professional certified instructors have a vast amount of experience. Several of our industrial instructors have more than 30 years each in operations as well as ERT experience in the plant. We feel this makes a difference in training and in the quality of our field services. It makes a difference when you have someone that has actually been involved in the task at hand in a plant. That “hands on” actual experience gives the instructor the ability to relate to their students and gain respect from the team.

Our classes include classroom lecture and discussion; however, we focus primarily on hands-on techniques and field scenarios.

After completing our industrial field, which includes a “to scale” process unit with multiple towers, pipe racks, switch back stairs and barrel ladders in 2000, and the completion of our tank farm and truck loading facility for Hazmat in 2002. In 2018, Industrial Rescue took over lease on the Beaumont Fire grounds (Industrial Rescue Fire Training Field) allowing us to teach Fire, Rescue, Hazmat, IC and Medical classes in a “real world” atmosphere.

Currently, we have I.R.I.S. Rescue teams spread throughout the spectrum of the industry; from handling the largest production facilities in the country to meeting the safety needs of the smallest gas plants down the road. Our teams have also had the opportunity to work with several of the top Emergency Response Teams internationally. We have received several accolades including the John Gross award from Industrial Fire world.

Our goal at the end of each day is to know that we have helped make a difference in someone’s life. A difference that allows our students to be equipped with knowledge and skills to prevent further injury and save lives!

So, whether you need a professional team to come in and help, or a team to help with your in house team – –


(409) 924-0710 or (409) 363-3542

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